Inside the Westminster Palace and Outside the Houses of Parliament

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Operational Days: Friday and Monday
Meeting Point: Westminster Abbey Shop at 9:15 am


Get a closer look at Westminster Abbey, The Houses of Parliament, and the famous Big Ben!

See the major icons of London on this adventure with Amigo Tours UK. On this tour of London, you find out interesting information relating to the role and function of MPs, Lords, and key officers across parliament. You also discover how and why the Elizabeth Tower, the Great Clock, and the Great Bell, Big Ben, were built.

Our tour commences at the entrance of Westminster Abbey at 9:15 am where you hear from your expert, local guide. We continue to the Parliament at 11:30 am, where your guide shares an information and provides an explanation outside the monument.

Don’t forget your camera for this guided tour of the Houses of Parliament as the ostentatious facade of the building offers a picturesque view while the golden spires and statues of kings are reflected in the river. The palace is flanked by the Victoria Tower. Find out about the history of the Elizabeth Tower, from the first medieval clock tower built in the old Palace of Westminster to the design and construction of the present Elizabeth Tower.

Big Ben has become one of the most famous images of London, and one of the main symbols of the city and the structure of the Palace of Westminster is considered World Heritage by UNESCO since 1987. Explore these incredible landmarks on a guided tour of Westminster Abbey, the Houses of Parliament, and Big Ben!